• 6 Shooters most of all wants to welcome everyone to their Gun Show Family. We will maintain a friendly atmosphere. Where the staff’s number one rule is to be respectful & helpful to everyone that has any part to do with the show. While staying alert to provide a safe place to shop. That you would not be embarrassed to have your mother, children or preacher at. To be done at a cost that anyone can afford. 6 Shooters will help to make this the most extravagant experience that you have ever had at a show. So that you will have fun & enjoy doing business with 6 Shooters. I promises that 6 Shooters will promote some of the best vendors in the gun industry. That the vendors have all kinds of merchandise. For great deals on every thing you have ever dreamed of having. While maintaining a safe place to hunt for your next treasures. 

Sincerely, Six Shooters Promotions LLC

Joseph Daniel Massey II

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