6 SHOOTERS RULES & TERMS everyone that enters the show. dose so at their own risk & at their own will. 6 shooters is not to be held liable or/& responsible for your actions or your safety. enter show at your own risk



1 At no time is there to be a LOADED Gun, and/or Clip / Magazine or concealed weapon inside the event building. Except Paid Security & Law-officers & STAFF. If caught with a loaded firearm, or a gun is fired in the show. You will be kicked out of the show, and could be charged criminally. 2 Public do not bring these items to the show. No BLACK POWDER, PARADOX POWDER, or RELOADING POWDER ALLOWED 3 No dry firing guns. (Its simple don’t pull the trigger on any firearm, and they will not go off) No illegal weapons at the show. 4 All sells must be done inside the show building. Not in the parking lot area. If seen in parking lot, or in line trying to buy or sell you will be asked to leave. 5 There will be no gathering at the entryway Hounding people to buy the guns as they come in the show with. You will be warned and if continued you will told to leave. 6 No Alcohol or Drugs at the show. No one Impaired is allowed in the show. If Found to be Impaired you will be ask to leave. 7 INVASION OF PRIVACY!!! THERE WILL BE NO PICTURE TAKING, videoing, Facetiming, or live feeding at any time or any part of the show. It is the Law. If caught you could be in lots of trouble. WILL TOLD TO LEAVE, POSSIBLY CHARGED AND ARERESTED. 8 Once the show is closed there will no one allowed back in the show till the next day. 9 Some show venues may require the public at the entryway to pass through a metal detector. 10 ANYONE is subject to have these items searched at entry, exit, or any time else of the show / event that suspected suspicious activity might be going on. This is including but not limited to Handbags, pocket books, purses, briefcases, Gym bags, duffel bags, back packs, largr coates, ammo cans, boxes, totes, clothing pockets, ETC. 11 In the event that Six Shooters Promotions LLC. finds it necessary ( In sole opinion of Six Shooters Promotions LLC.) for you to be detained. You will be held till Law-enforcement can investigate the incident. 12 Enter the show at your own risk. 6 Shooters is not to be held responsible or liable for any accidents that may occur at the show..

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITIES Six Shooters Promotions LLC (6 Shooters), 6 Shooters Staff or the heirs and assigns of Six Shooters Promotions LLC. Is not to be held liable &/or responsible for anybody actions or anything sold or/& any accidents or/& injuries or/& damages caused by tangible products or/& peoples or/& cause of venues staff or/& venue or/& officer or/& theft at any time, of any kind before, during &/or after the event or show. Including but not limited to Act of God, fire, flood, theft, vandalism, terrorism, accidents, discharge of a Firearm, anything to do with a weapon or/& personal injuries, death &/or that damages &/or destroys vendors &/or personal property. Vendors In or out of the venue. For what ever the reason that we have to cancel the show. Six Shooters Promotions LLC will not to be held liable &/or responsible for any loss of money or time of the venue, vendors, staff or public . Remember 6 Shooters is a Promotions company. SIX SHOOTERS PROMOTIONS LLC ( 6 SHOOTERS ) DOSE NOT SELL TANGIBLE PRODUCT. WE Plan events. We rent vendors space. We sell tickets. WE advertise the show. Six Shooters Promotions LLC. Reserve all Rights of refusal. to do business with anyone for anything at anytime.and also If 6 Shooters ask anyone (public or vendors or venues staff/venues or/& officers ) to leave the show you must do so at that time. With no Explanations given. When you enter the event / show, public &/or vendors &/or venues staff/venues or officers you agree to the Rules and/or Terms. YOU (Public or/and Vendor/venues staff/venues &/or officers) enter the show at your own risk. Public &/or Vendors or/& venues staff/ venues, or/& officers are to be held liable &/or responsible for your own (Public / Vendors/ Venues staff/ venues/ officers ) actions, damages, violations, behavior, and Law suites. In whatsoever the case that we have to be involved in a case or a law suite that Six Shooters Promotions LLC has to hire an attorney. whosoever caused that actions against 6 Shooters is to be held liable and responsible for all cost and fees of courts fees , an attorney fees, of losses of time, and monies missed, and anything other cost associated with the legal issues.